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Turf Deli Dud of The Week
Bello Signor..puppy dog 25/02/01

Please stop backing Bello Signor !!

You are kidding yourselves….this guy is never going to put it all together and give you are return for your hard earned.

After a lazy winter's holiday up north, where he graced QLD punters by actually putting a win on the board, he is now back in Melbourne and up to his old tricks. He was black marked for life for 3 or 4 famous (and consecutive runs over late 1999/2000) where he started short priced favourite, came storming home from last whooshing past those in front till he got to the leader and stopped for a bit of a chat and a roll around. As a racehorse, he would be better suited as a puppy dog.

You can see him at it again in the Chester Manifold, putting in a eye catching performance at the back of the field, racing erratically, and setting the scene for a truly memorable performance in a race over 1400M on Lightning Stakes Day.

Starting well in the market, and he rushed up, cruising, to challenge for the lead at the top of the straight, only to stop and play like the big puppy dog that he is and refused to go past Honourable Mention, preferring to play around and roll around and hope someone would come up and rub his tummy, till he saw Gold Guru go past him down the middle of the track and then, like a dog free wheeling it around the park, went chasing after him instead. Perhaps, he missed his calling in life as a greyhound - given a lure to chase he would love it.

He did it again at Flemington 25/02/01, but that's hardly going to surprise anyone… If you want to back him, we suggest that maybe you stand at the end of the straight with a big stick yelling "here boy.."

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