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Worse Named Horse 31/10/01

What are the worse named horses around ? MAYTHEHORSEBEWITHU you all scream - yep, that’s the obvious one. Which is a pity cause he is actually a decent horse. Tom Courose is another that springs to mind. It's Thorpedo Gold would not be far behind.

So, punters out there, let us know what the worse named horse you have come across is.

Horse names are full of shocking puns (there is no such thing as a good pun), tediously wacky mis-spellings and obscure character references. If you try to put any humour into the name you have to be careful. Any humour must be carefully thought out and be about the level of those wacky animal stories they do at the tail end of the news each night -

i.e. The kangaroo that had police on the HOP…..

The snake that proved to be a SLIPPERY customer….

The rogue chicken that fell FOUL of the law.

We swear if we ever see a Luke Hoofwalker, a Hay Solo, or a Princess Neigha then we are giving up the punt in protest.

You can send your contributions to mail@turfdeli.com.au.
And the prize ?? The self assurance that you have the good taste to be able to spot such shockers.

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