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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Underwood Stakes Newsletter 2012

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Underwood Stakes 2012

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Turf Deli Racing News

Pie In The Sky

Once again this year the Melbourne Racing Club have decided to split the usual Underwood Stakes and Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes meeting into two weeks, with the Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes now being run next Sunday after the Grand Final.

Which means that the Underwood Stakes is Free Family Entertainment Day again, with a swag of activities for the kids on the front lawn.

Of course, we will be there bright and early to be first in the queue for face painting.

Then it is off for a quick 9 holes of mini-golf, before exterting our dominance on the jumping castle.

After that, we will be attempting to be the first person to win the Stylish Gentleman fashions on the field - with extra stylish lion face paint. Prowling the catwalk like the King of Jungle Fashion. ROAR !

The Melbourne Racing Club are deeply committed to getting crowds back to the races and after consulting the experts in the field and doing an in-depth cost-benefit analysis they have developed a 5 year plan - mainly based around party pies.

Three party pies for $1.50 in the public, or three for 99 cents in the members (make sure you get the 1 cent change though).

In the up coming weeks, representatives from the Melbourne Racing Club will also be flying to the troubled economies of Spain, Portugal and Greece to advise them how they too can initiate thier own party pie led economic recovery. The Eurozone crisis will not be as easy to solve though and serious and complex issues will need to be resolved regards where all the tomato sauce is going to come from.

Check out the details of the free family activities on Underwood Stakes Day.

If you have have missed any of our weekly newsletters there is a full newsletter archive on the website.


We have to admit the Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes meeting used to be our favourite meeting of the year.

Between the Guineas Preludes, the Underwood, the always highly competitive Rupert Clarke and the mad scramble for Caulfield Cup selection in the Naturalism it was always a magnificent days racing. Best of all - great racing before the mad crowds and prices of spring arrive.

So we are not totally convinced that splitting a quality progam over two weeks is really the way to go - same goes for the splitting of Cox Plate Day into a Friday and Saturday.

Although we hear the AFL are thinking about playing the Grand Final over two weeks, with the first and the third quarters being played the first week and the second and final quarters the following week - which means two goes at the pre-match entertainment.

Or maybe we just hate the split meetings cause it creates more work for us ?

So, next week we will attempt to cover both the Bill Stutt Stakes on the Friday night, and Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes on the Sunday, but preference will be given to the Caulfield meeting.

Last Week's Results

Ham and Salad

The tips chugged along just OK last week at Moonee Valley, with one winner on top and four in the selections.

There were just enough winners in the tips to cover a ham and salad sandwich, but not enough to pay off the mortgage. You might have noticed that our results rating system has a very broad scale, covering a wide range of sandwich fillings and property investments.

Race 3: 1-PRECEDENCE 1st W=$5.70
Race 4: 4-BUXTED 1st W=$3.50
Race 5: 4-BEL SPRINTER 1st W=$2.80
Race 6: 7-HAPPY TRAILS 1st W=$5.20, Quinella: $10.10

The poor Betting Portfolio continues to be around the money, but just isn't getting a break this year.

We were quite confident about Race 6: 5-GREEN MOON 2nd W=$3.80 as the Bet Of The Day, and he looked a good thing when he loomed up, looked a sure thing when they entered the straight and yet somehow didn't quite have his nose in front at the line.

Which meant there was another wipe out in the Betting Portfolio - the 3rd in 5 weeks. By comparison, we only had three wipe outs for the whole of Spring 2011, three again in Spring 2010, and only one in Spring 2009. Someone doesn't like us this year. We don't even like us this year.

2012 Spring Campaign : 5 weeks - 0 profits - 2 returns - 3 wipe outs - Net : -$195.45

View last week's Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes 2012 results.

View the list of Horses To Follow with form and video links to each runner. Updated 19/09/2012.

Gasp in horror at how our tips and Betting Portfolio are faring at the Bottom Line.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Underwood Stakes - 22nd Sept 2012


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Really there is no need to shower before going down to the TAB.

It's not like anyone else does.



TVN do a great job covering racing for serious punters.

After years of shivering out in the open during winter they now have their very own bunker adjacent to the Mounting Yard at Caulfield.

Which means if there is ever a nuclear armageddon we will still be able to hear them bleating on, non stop about the bloody Jockey Challenge.


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