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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Dato Tan Stakes Newsletter 2012

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Turf Deli Racing News

Moonee Valley Stars On The Big Screen

The big news down at Moonee Valley is that work has commenced on a new super-sized permanent TV screen to replace the old tote boards.

Personally, we have a bit of a soft spot for the old tote boards, but they are rapidly disappearing from most racetracks, which we find a bit sad.

Who would not declare a bit of tote board love ?

Those long, big and bulky monoliths, that hold your punting fate in their hands as you nervously wait for a number to flash up in a tight finish. Hang on - is that a 6 or an 8 ? A 4 maybe ?

Their glowing light bulb displays meant you knew you were certainly at a race track and not in your living room.

Times change. But it does seem that the push is to make the race day experience as close as possible to being in your living room - which kind of defeats the purpose really.

It was always amusing to watch the confusion and various attempts as to the best way to display dead heats and multiple first four dividends with limited tote board options. Flash once for Yes ? Twice for No ? Ah, the memories.

The old tote boards do have a certain charm, charisma and most of all, character, that just can't be replaced.

If only our backyard was big enough to adopt one to a good home - it would be so much more effective than planting some Neighbours Be Gone. Plus we could easily signal to the street when it was bin night. We like the old tote boards so much we have one as the backdrop on our website.


Enough of the tote board nostalgia. Time to look towards the bright, new LED future.

The new Moonee Valley super screen is a whopping 27 x 5.8 meters long, and is powered by seventeen piggy backed power boards, and a string of extension cords running the length of the track into a power point back in the racing club offices. Thankfully, the Moonee Valley straight isn't that long - else the Office Works budget would have well and truly blown out.

To avoid unplanned outages a clearly printed Post It note is displayed over the main power point, explaining to please not unplug this cord to boil the kettle - unless you are seriously dying for a cuppa. As an extra precaution all runners have been warned to please step over the cord, and not trip over it, because there is nothing as messy as a 27 metre wide TV smashing to the ground, and besides, the next council hard waste collection is months and months away.

To ensure optimum performance, the new super screen also has a dedicated team of professionals on race day adjusting the aerial to make sure the crowd gets perfect SBS reception. Using state of the art LED technology, the picture promises to be crystal clear, with true to life colours that spring from the screen, and crisp surround sound - meaning that the race goer would almost believe they were really at the races. All controlled by one remote control using two AA batteries from a comfy couch on the second level of the main grandstand.

The super screen will be up and running for the fast approaching Cox Plate double header weekend.

This means that this year, for the first time, race goers can just stay on course all weekend.

Why not stick around after the last at the Friday night Manikato Stakes meeting ? Get comfy on the lawns under a blanket and watch some Rage till dawn approaches. Then it's just a matter of a quick hose down in the stables and you are up and going and ready to go again on Cox Plate Day. Just like being in your living room.

Last Week's Results

Blowing with the wind

Let's see if we can succinctly sum up how the tips went last week. We went on a outsider tipping frenzy. The quadrella paid $80.30. We didn't get it..

It was blowing a gale last week at Flemington which meant our legion of roughie on pace horses had next to no hope. Jockeys and horses cowered for cover in the run, trying to get behind the one guy with the umbrella and make a mad dash for it when a gap appeared near the finishing line.

In the main race, a deceptive photo finish saw local SOUTHERN SPEED just hold out the fast finishing and extremely unlucky MANIGHAR. In previous years MANIGHAR was a one speed staying type from overseas who was a dead cert to run between 4th and 6th in the Cups. Since coming down under to live, he has undergone an extreme make over into a lean, mean WFA machine and looks the one to beat this spring. Still cannot believe he didn't get up last week - pretty sure that he had his eyes closed in the photo finish and they should have taken the photo again.

Anyway, there was really nothing interesting in the tips, bare a few obvious winners and the Betting Portfolio suffered a 2nd wipe out for the season and we are off to a very slow start this year - although we have been around the money most weeks. The only positive was that we potted the well backed favourite Race 4: 4-LADY MELKSHAM 5th W=$2.90 as the Lay of the Day, but actually, it was a pretty good run wide into the wind and she is worth following.

2012 Spring Campaign : 4 weeks - 0 profits - 2 returns - 2 wipe outs - Net : -$145.45

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Dato Tan Stakes - 15th Sept 2012


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Whilst some racehorses strive to race into Equine Immortality, others are quite content to just have an on-course bar named after them.

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BETFAIR's current offer is a refund up to $200 on your first bet if it loses.

Great if you are a small bettor and always dreamed of having a ping at one at odds in a feature race over the spring.

If it wins you are laughing. If not, no great loss, get your money back, go back to the drawing board and just bet as normal.

Plus now BETFAIR offer multis, meaning you can combine up to 10 events for an even bigger collect.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

Note that the offer is not valid for Victorian and South Australian residents. Or residents named Victoria...

Every week over spring we are going to pick out a horse at odds better than $10 to have a $200 no risk ping on.

This Week's Turf Deli Ping :

Moonee Valley Race 8: 4-MR MAKE BELIEVE

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Offer not available for Victorian residents.

You can still place all the same bet types as the TAB - plus the big bonus is you don't need to try and use the extremely wobbly new TAB website.

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