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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Makybe Diva Stakes Newsletter 2011

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Makybe Diva Stakes 2011

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Members - The Next Generation

This week it is time to head out to royal Flemington (as opposed to peasant Sandown) for the Sofitel Girls Day Out.

Unlike the Big Day Out, which is gender neutral and not just for big people, the Girls Day Out is all about girls having a day out. Apparently. Or so we are told. We always thought it was rather progressive of the VRC to participate in day release programs and we are certain Queen Bea and the other girls from the Wentworth Detention Centre really appreciate the gesture (can anyone spot the 1980s pop culture reference ? anyone ?).

However, if you are more into the racing, you might call it Makybe Diva Stakes day. Apparently she was a horse of some sort who went along OK. Or so we are told.

Or if you are more into racing and a bit older, wiser and greyer - the Craiglee Stakes. Shamefully, poor ol' Craig Lee doesn't get much of a look in these days.


The on course festivities this week also feature a Young Members Raceday event. As much as we like to poke, prod, mock and name-call, these events have been a great success for the VRC, and draw a substantial crowd to the races. Run several times a year, whilst the lawns may be empty and windswept in the off season, if you head up to the 4th and 5th floor of the members grandstand it is packed with young members who are rockin' and rollin' and fake tannin' in party mode.

You will need a wrist band though. And to tell substantial and creative lies about your real age.

The Young Members Raceday events feature a bountiful supply of finger food (which is a set of words that is a rarity at most events), live music, DJs, free make up, fashion parades and competitions. Plenty to keep the crowd entertained. Plus the complimentary bus trip to the city night club afterwards where you can drunkenly sing along to all your favourite bus trip and racing songs. Even better, if you squint and stare into the distance you can almost see a horse !

Unfortunately, you can barely hear the races - but of course everyone attending has studied the form guide and knows all the stable colours off by heart anyway. So there isn't any need really - everyone can call the race themselves.

Though maybe, just maybe they could make changes to this winning formula to get a bit more of a race day experience into the room ?

We are suggesting perhaps getting some stylish clip clopping happening. Not from coconut shells - no, no, no - that's far too common. We are more thinking along the lines of some nice, shiny, silver, stylish, imitation coconut shells, played by some guy in sunglasses, suit and a quality urban bushranger beard.

How about a few horses doing their mounting yard laps upstairs and under cover before the race? The fashion catwalk is going to be free in between shows so might as well be put to some use. Horses travel around the world to race all the time, so obviously they can get up those steep steps to an airplane OK - so surely going up a set of escalators isn't going to be much of a hindrance.

And really, seriously, would it hurt to gently waft the smell of horse manure through the air conditioner ? It's a cheeky, rustic, yet subtle fragrance that always, always leaves you wanting more.

Last Week's Results

It's a Mood-Slide !

The leading Moody stable had a day out at Caulfield last week, with three winners saluting the judge.
Rather cleverly we managed to tip the Moody stable short priced favourites that got beaten - and avoided the ones that won. Lovely work ! Bravo !

There were some brief glimpses of form though after a slow start to the season, even with scratchings knocking the selections and suggested bets around a little.

Just the one winner on top (Race 3 : 13-LITTLE TYCOON 1st W=$7.20) and one other winner in the top 3 selections (Race 8 : 8-PINNACLES 1st W=$13.30), but both were nice odds and we were unlucky with a few value runners.

The Betting Portfolio managed a +$25.75 profit with the Best Each Way Bet of the Day winning.
Although for the 2nd time in 3 weeks we took on a short priced favourite in the Lay of the Day which got up and won easily, which is rather embarrassing for all involved.

BEST EACH WAY: Race 3: 13-LITTLE TYCOON $6.50 EW 1st W=$7.20, P=$2.30 = $61.75

Betting Portfolio : 3 weeks, 1 profit, 2 returns, 0 wipe outs

Spring Campaign 2011 : Spent : $150.00 - Return : $120.75 - Net : -$29.25

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Flemington - Makybe Diva Stakes -3rd Sept 2011


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