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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Derby Day Newsletter 2011

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Derby Day 2011

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Turf Deli Racing News

Flemington Track Guide

We finally got around to updating our Flemington Track Guide after many, many years.

With four meetings this week we will pick out some choice items to include in each of the Cup Week newsletters.

Everyone around the country knows about Cup week, one of the biggest sporting events slash parties in Australia. The VRC are blessed in that the event pretty much promotes itself. They could still pull 100,000 to most days with barely the stingiest of typewritten flyers in mail boxes.

Kicking off with Derby Day on the Saturday, followed by the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November, Oaks Day on the Thursday and Stakes Day on the closing Saturday most punters just admit defeat and take the week on annual leave.


Punting holidays are the best sort of vacation you can have - refreshing, fun, and of course, possibly highly profitable.

Major Race Days

Derby Day
The most classy day on the Melbourne calendar by the length of the Flemington straight. The dress code goes up a notch on Derby Day - it is classy, stylish, well groomed and expensive. Flemington is better dressed than normal race days regardless, but Derby Day takes it up to another level again. Public transport never looked so classy - the train on the way to Flemington is just so very refined it could be an 19th century steam train on a lazy Sunday outing. Forget all these proposed public transport protective service officers, just imagine if everyone rode the train network every day in their race day finest, that would surely solve the hooligan problem.

On Derby Day, you just walk around and are in awe of all the well dressed and well behaved people. Dressed in their finest race wear. Politely sipping cups of tea, eating plates of club sandwiches and telling amusing anecdotes about last week's croquet game. The crowd regularly tops 100,000 and it is probably the best day of Cup week to go to the races.

Where to Meet
Obvious place to meet is outside the Flemington train station at the top or bottom of those amusingly steep to watch drunk people walk up grey stairs. You can't miss them really, they are steep and grey and rather ugly. They also represent a formidable challenge if you are in a large pack of drunken, tired and emotional race goers scaling their dizzy heights on the way home. If you are entering from the other end of the course from the car park then the main turnstiles entrance is probably the best place to meet.

Secret Spot
The lawns are just chockers for the whole week and negotiating your way around is hard work, so there is not much incentive to move around. The one area of the course that gets under-utilised though is the Lawn Stand. At the back of the course, walk up the hill past the train station and past the Tabaret and it is on your left, well past the finishing post. Often this stand is largely empty, you can grab a seat and there is a great view over the course, although you are almost watching the races head on. Sitting on concrete isn't that elegant, but seriously the view is spectacular.


Do's and Don'ts of Cup Week

DO get your photo taken with the Bart statue
We are pretty sure, that if you read the fine print on your entry ticket, you will find that this is actually one of the compulsory Terms and Condition of entry. Wander past the Bart statue at any time during Cup Week and you will find madly grinning punters posing with Bart for a photo opportunity. Sometimes there is even a queue. If the VRC ever fell on hard times all they would have to do is charge a $1 a photo and they would be raking it in. Statue Bart photos are pride of place on thousands of mobile phones and Facebook photo albums around Australia. Like any cool fad, this craze has swept the internet and is known as BARTING.

If you have a photo with Statue Bart (and we reckon pretty much everyone does) and want to share it, post it on our facebook page.

DO wear underwear
This is a hint especially for the females, and comes directly from her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, who is currently in Australia and will be doing random spot underwear checks at the gate this year. This follows on from recent years where they have had to implement strict dress standards rules for what race goers can wear at Royal Ascot to stop short skirts, protruding bellies and streaky fake tan.

DON'T do the form on the train on the way to Flemington
Picking a winner during Cup Week is hard enough. The bookmakers don't actually pay any extra for finding a winner from a complex analysis of weights, times and ratings undertaken in a crowded train carriage, whilst responding to SMSes from various friends co-ordinating meeting times and pretending to make polite conversation with people next to you. Nothing extra at all.

DON'T place your phone bets on the train on the way to the races.
Almost certainly an awkward silence is going to mysteriously fall over the train the instant you try to discretely whisper your TAB account no and password. But apart from this fact, there really is no need for the rest of Melbourne to know what a massive wuss bettor you are, desperately trying to have five dollars each way on the even money favourite in the next.

DO check which way your train runs through the city loop
As wonderful, marvellous and liveable that Melbourne is, you really don't want to do multiple laps of the loop to get to the racecourse train.

DO charge your mobile phone and camera
It's a busy day ahead of SMSing back and forward, down loading hot tips from punting, parody, profit websites, and trying to arrange to meet up with people. Plus you never know when you might want to get your photo taken with that guy that almost made the top ten on MasterChef. So you want to be fully charged. Apparently in the dark, heavy days before mobiles you had to find your friends with some sort of semaphore flag signalling system, or so we are told.

DO check the circumference of your extravagant headwear.
Wing span is the key term here. Just for the safety of the eye balls of other commuters.

DO get organised early
A day at the races is expensive, get up, get going , get to Flemington and make the most of it.

DO mark your spot carefully
Those lawns are big and crowded and although you may think you have a good idea of where home base was, so did many early explorers who are now remembered by memorial statues and commemorative fountains.

Missed a mail out ? View the list of previous newsletters.


Deposit $50 - bet with $200 offer

We have had a few people asking if we can organise an extension for the deposit $50, bet with $200 offer.
So, for three days this week only IASBET have been nice enough to increase their freebie offer.

Now if you deposit $50, you will automatically get credited with $150 worth of freebies.

The standard offer is only a $100 freebie. These offers are extremely popular so we can only offer them for a short amount of time else IASBET get a little bit cranky.

You can bet the same way you bet on the TAB, so you can take quinellas, trifectas and the ever desirable quadrellas and often you will get a dividend that is better than what your local TAB pays. Plus you can choose between tote odds or fixed odds and more often than not end up collecting even more when you back a winner.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

So if you are planning to spend $50 this week on the Cup, turn it into $200 before you even start and have some free fun with other people's money.

Click here for more details.

Three days only - offer closes when they jump in the Melbourne Cup Tuesday 01/11/2011

Last Week's Results

Pretty In Pink

The pink avenger, PINKER PINKER, with spring sensation Craig Williams on board, burst through a gap in the straight last week in the Cox Plate to cause a wee bit of an upset at odds.

Actually, we were probably more upset than most, having tossed up between KING'S ROSE and PINKER PINKER for our free $200 IASBET plonk and chosen the wrong one. Although we have heard from a few lucky punters who had a no risk $200 on at $31 and have been laughing all week.

Our detailed form analysis for the Cox Plate was pretty close to the mark. Like many punters we were very keen to take on the short priced favourite HELMET (8th W=$2.80) who we thought was a huge query at the distance and just didn't seem to be the right sort of 3YO for the race. Even better we gave a strong chance to PINKER PINKER who we made our Roughie in the race.

One to risk: 14-HELMET 8th W=$2.80

Roughie: 11-PINKER PINKER 1st W=$20.30

If you are having a serious bet this spring it is always worth checking out what odds are on offer at BETFAIR

Often you can snare odds much better than the TAB, and especially long shots often get out to very silly odds indeed. Last week we managed to secure $40 about Cox Plate winner PINKER PINKER about 20 mins before the race - double what the odds were on the TAB.

The rest of the day was barely of interest with small fields and not much to bet on.

The Betting Portfolio only got back a pittance and continued its slide downwards .

2011 Spring Campaign : 13 weeks - 4 profits - 7 returns - 2 wipe outs - Net : $-55

View last week's Cox Plate 2011 results

View the list of Horses To Follow.

See how our tips and Betting Portfolio are faring at the Bottom Line.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Flemington - Derby Day - 29th Oct 2011


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Derby Day 2011

Form for the Melbourne Cup will be out Monday around midday.

Can't open the link ?
If Turf Deli is blocked at your work, you can receive this week's form guide in a text email, via auto response by sending an email to text@turfdeli.com.au once you receive this email.

Cleverly Disguised Ads



Whilst some racehorses strive to race into Equine Immortality, others are quite content to just have an on-course bar named after them.


If you are heading out to races during Cup Week check out our Flemington Track Guide.

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.

Notes :
- It always pays to know where the sturdy, spacious permanent toilet blocks are. If you go out the back of the course, towards the main car park, past the book makers ring, just near the Flemington Heritage centre there is a major, solid, permanent and very under utilised toilet blocks. No frustrating lines for the ladies in their race day finest.


With Cup Week about to kick off IASBET have been nice enough to increase their free betting offer for a limited time.

Now if you deposit $50, you will automatically get credited with $150 worth of freebies.

With a small deposit, plus the tasty freebies you can play along with our weekly Betting Portfolio this spring and have a bit of fun on the punt this spring carnival.

Impress your friends with your punting prowess!

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

If you already have an IASBET account you can still earn some freebies with the Refer A Friend bonuses by forwarding this offer on.

Only available for a limited time by clicking on the ad above.

Offer closes when they jump in the Melbourne Cup Tuesday 01/11/2011

Betfair First Bet Free

BETFAIR's current offer is a refund up to $100 on your first bet if it loses.

Great if you are a small bettor and always dreamed of having a ping at one at odds in a feature race over the spring.

You can sign up, have a ping, and if it wins - collect big, if not, back to the drawing board and just bet as normal. After the first bet, you can place your normal TAB bets through BETFAIR as well as they link in with the Tasmanian TAB.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them. Note that the offer is not valid for VIC and SA residents. The bet has to be a single bet of up to $100, so you can't split it across a horse at different odds. Our recommendation would be to use the BETFAIR Starting Price option.

Every week over spring we are going to pick out a horse at better than $10 to have a $100 no risk ping on.

This Week's Turf Deli Ping :


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