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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Viewer Feedback

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Turf Deli Viewer Feedback

This is an open forum for feedback about the site, the gags, or the tips.
We welcome any feedback good, bad or ugly as.

Send your feedback to the email address located at the bottom of this page.
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Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2011

Highlights included :

Derby Day 2011

We confidently tip the winner of the main race 5-SANGSTER W=$14.80 as our top pick and also make it our each way bet of the day.

Cox Plate 2011

We make upset winner 11-PINKER PINKER W=$20.30 our roughie for the race, whilst taking on the short priced favourite 14-HELMET 8th W=$2.80.

Dato Tan Stakes 2011

The Turf Deli Wonder Bet incredibly turns a $5 All Up Place Bet into a $146.50 collect with three well beaten 3rds. Definitely the Poor Man's Quaddie.

Good morning folks
A SUPER all-up. Turned 5 bucks into 188. Genius!!!
Regards RH 11/09/2011

G'day team, just wanted to say a big thanks for you forr the Turf Deli wonder bet, this was the 1st time I had used Turf Deli which was sent to me by a freind and when I came to the Wonder bet, I thought Hmm I'll just throw a lazy $10 on it placed it on sportsbet fixed odds (totaled $64) for a nice return of $644 bets result I had all day!
With tips like that you have won me ;) winking
Cheers and thanks again, loving your work :D big grin
P 11/09/2011

You're a star!
That all up was sensational!
I also grouped the quinella horses in race 4 as a trifecta so very happy...if I had grouped them as a first 4 I would have been even happier!!!
HM 12/09/2011

You fukn beauty. that wasnt a silly wonder bet, that was a wonderful wonder bet. Odds of $47.95, $10 investment, it saved my arse and more. RM 10/09/2011

Wonderful tipping the poor mans quaddie Thanks Heaps!!!!!
GW 10/09/2011 - and thanks for letting us steal the term 'Poor Man's Quaddie'


Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2010 - Profit Landslide

We had a bumper Spring Campaign 2010 with our weekly suggested bets in the $50 Betting Portfolio.

Forget those monster Commonwealth bank profits, check out the billions we made with just $50 each week.

17 meetings - 10 profits - 4 returns - 3 wipe outs.

For a season profit +$524.50 (53% profit).

Retirement time? Not going to do much better than that.

If you started out with $50 in Week One, you could have bet the whole season and been in the black the entire time, and ended up $500 up.

If we were a little more dubious we could probably report that as a 1000% profit - but we really can't count that high.

Thanks for all the emails of support and congratulations, we do like to hear from people when they have had a win.

Highlights included :

Stakes Day 06/11/2010

We found a very tasty roughie on Stakes Day and included it in our suggested bets.

BEST ROUGH : Race 7: 15-WELL ROUNDED 1st W=$38.30, P=$9.10

G'day good people at Turf Deli..
Just wanted to send a HUGE 'thank you' to you guys for your tips on Stakes Day. I was having a moderate carnival thanks to Melbourne Cup trifecta and a few other winners, so was planning on giving the nags a rest on Stakes Day. But I got your email and I decided to put on a sneaky quaddie and leave it at that. Second leg was obviously the standout advice getting WELL ROUNDED into the selections. But it was the win of KEANO in the last that made it a $13,188 winning ticket.
Although you didn't pick KEANO in your selections, I have been following it thanks to your tips (without much success), and I knew the day I left it out of selections would be the day it finally salutes the judges. Well that was the case on Saturday, and obviously not many others had it.. I can honestly say I would never have included it if it wasn't for your appraisal on Oaks Day, when it was subsequently scratched and set for a dryer track.
Thanks again Turf deli. I owe you a couple of beers!
D 12/11/2010

Congratulations to Turfdeli on a great Spring Carnival- Has given myself some pocket money for Xmas especially after last weeks selections-Well done Merry Xmas & have a Great 2011
AM 12/11/2010
But, what I did not say was I did like Well Rounded and, as I read your thoughts, you gave me the courage to visit the Beaver and take a nice little Beaver double 41 x 4 into Moudre = 161-1.
So, I did think of your good self (there may be a few of you of course.) Thankyou!!!
PT 12/11/2010

Great tips on Emirates day. Well Rounded was a great tip. I had $10 each way.
Wife got trifecta as did her girlfriend. All because I called them both well-rounded girls! They could not resist including it in their bets.
Thanks. Till next year.
GJ 12/11/2010

Hi just a quick note to say thanks for the articles humour and GREAT tips this season.
Stakes day had me walking home $500 up after well rounded Yippee. I am a mug punter who was put onto you emails by a friend, I used to look at the names of the horses and bet on the ones that sounded promising.
Now I have seen the light as shone by turfdeli and will never plonk down the dough without checking the tips and reasoning behind it. Cup day and Oaks day had me picking flexi trifectas using your 3 tips and the 3 other possible runners.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
GW 12/11/2010

I'm disappointed that it is finishing, I had a winning carnival, not a fortune cos I'm not a big punter, the $50 bank suits me.
Learnt a different way of viewing things, like taking longer priced horses in a Quinella with the selected one rather than going each way. Also liked the the wide trifectas.
Got on to Well Rounded as well including the $150 Quinella.
Well done ,very enjoyable approach.
HG 15/11/2010

Melbourne Cup 02/11/2010

Hi, Just wanted to say I had a great day at the Melbourne Cup and all because of Turfdeli. I backed both Jersey Lily and Tagus. I also able to go wide in the Melbourne Cup with the free bets from the IASBET promo and had Americain, it ended up being a very profitable day.
Thanks, S 05/11/2010


Moonee Valley 21/08/2010

The Best Bet won, the Best Each Way won, and the Best Rough got beaten by a small margin a huge odds.

BEST BET : Race 6: 2-STANZOUT 1st W=$4.70
BEST EACH WAY: Race 7: 5-TWO HILLS 1st W=$4.20
BEST ROUGH : Race 2: 11-CHAMPAGNE LOVE 2nd W=$40.60

Stoked with your tips on the weekend – looks like you are in good form.
I too liked your best bet and each way but wasn’t going to watch any races so thought I would leave it. When I got your email I thought I would have a look and decided to put one cheeky bet on for the weekend.
I ended up putting $5 on a multi – Stanzout into Two Hills. It usually doesn’t work for me but did this time. Collected a handy $120 for the bet.
Good stuff!
CF 24/08/2010

Awesome! Cheers guys! Keep up the good work! Love the reports & am making some decent returns with your bets!! Awesome work!!
MCJ 24/09/2010

General comments :

Dear Turf Deli Mob
Thank you once again for keeping me entertained over the last few months. It wouldn’t be the same Spring Carnival without that little blue Turf Deli e-mail popping up in my Inbox each Friday (or Monday for the Cup or Wednesday for the Oaks). Always raises a chuckle and, surprisingly and amazingly, usually always brings home the bacon in the form of good advice. Only joking ...
Thanks and see you next Spring Carnival.
JP 12/11/2010
Read about your site Mongrel Punter The Age 22/10.
Took the quinellas Race 4 Moonee Valley last week; one of them put me in first place in a tipping comp I participate in with some mates, on the last round of the comp! Go you little beauties! We've now got an extra $700 to blow at Flemington tomorrow. And I have increased esteem/awe of my peers(!).
Thanks for the great site.
POC 29/10/2011

To Turf Deli, I have been subscribing to your service now for nearly 3 years and every friday before a spring carnival meeting, sitting down with a beer reading your form guide of the main races, lay of the day and bets of the day is pure enjoyment!
Your information on every horse is great to read even though i have noticed there has been some bias towards some. Have also noticed that there is a tendancy to like horses always running on and stepping up in distance!
Though will be honest do not usually back any of your tips as i have noticed that you are a mug punter like the rest of us, but its great to have that little extra information to review! Dont think there are many times there has been a very good collect!
Love the work, keep it up!
SF 22/10/2010

hi, i saw a reference to your site in the sports section of the age on friday 22 oct in an article on the bottom of the back page.
really like the approach of your web site takes wih the challege to turn a profit to the extent of not trying to bet in every race but rather by being selective within a meeting in the search for some more, real value.
anyway, very nice to see someone with such a love and understanding of the punt and racing create such a simple website with great analysis.
well done! your effort and consideration will no doubt continue to bring good results.
A 30/10/2010

Hi Guys
Really enjoy the mail out, gags are great and the form is usually pretty good. Certainly worth a read and you have landed me some good tips - thanks!
Other than that, terrific effort and I look forward to next instalment.
SD 12/11/2010

G'day TD Thank you very much for your work...love it!
I have really enjoyed reading your race meeting guides and have followed your leads and made a lovely little profit this year.
Must admit am a bit worried when you mention "we should be back next year...." please make sure its "we will be back next year.
Thanks again and will be checking online for any guides that may pop up between now and then...
HM 12/11/2010

Hi Guys,
Love your site and your previews/reviews over Spring Carnival both informative and entertaining.
Like the no bullshit approach and no sugar coating of things too, should be more of it. But when you have Channels 7 and 9 supplying the masses on main days, what can you expect !
Keep up the great work.
PD 12/11/2010

Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2009

Highlights included :

Caulfield Guineas 10/10/2009

We found a $30 winner on top in the last race, the $12 winner of the main race in the selections, and gave the $50 winner a rough chance in the 1st leg of the quaddie.

All you had to do is just had to find the favourite in the remaining leg to snare a $95,000 quaddie and some smarty pants did just that.

G'day Turf Deli,
A mate passed on your details, had a read and had a good laugh.
However you must have had some logic because 3 of us boys put our heads together, no doubt (one of us - not me) armed with the Turf Deli knowledge to a degree, and plucked a nice portion of the Quaddie that paid $95K.
All the best of luck.
A 06/11/2009

Our Lona - YOU BEAUTY!!! Just cheered her home whilst standing on the rail at Caulfield. You are a champion.
R 10/10/2009

Turf Deli 10th Birthday

Thank you for all the Turf Deli 10th Birthday Wishes - hope you enjoyed your free bets.

Thanks for all the interesting banter and selections over the years I look forward to each carnival for your tips and lays always find something to follow and eventually collect, so thanks
K 07/10/2009

Good work guys. Always enjoy your read on the big races.
T 07/10/2009

Congrats on the 10 years I know the guys over here enjoy the banter created from the Turf Deli.
JB 07/10/2009 - head of Turf Deli UK Operations

Congratulations on making 10 year birthday.
I still attribute turf deli with the Sky Cuddles victory for me at 60:1 on stakes day 5 or 6 years ago. Also ensured I got the Tri and Quaddie that day.
A very profitable day for me.
KS 07/10/2009

Hi TD,
Just a quick email to say it's fantastic to have you back for the Spring.
When I first began following your work, I was one of the punters who came out of the woodwork only during the carnival madness - now I'm a VRC member, and attend the races all year round.
But one of the special things about Spring remains your previews, reviews, and (best of all) commentary.
Thanks again for all your efforts. All the best for the rest of the campaign - keep finding those Jungle Rulers!
RE 08/09/2009

Memsie Stakes 2009

Good morning guys
Thanks for the tip on Jungle Ruler. Looked at the form but regardless thought "What the heck!". It paid $13.20 on UniTAB ($15.00 on fixed odds) and the boys at the surf club (Maroochy) were all over it. I would have liked to have taken the credit but had to be honest with them and say it wasn't my idea. I think you may have made a few more fans.
RH 02/09/2009

Good afternoon
A friend of mine sent me your tips for last week and I found it refreshing for a tipping service not to make guarantees and to add a bit of humour so I figured that's right up my alley. I'm only a small punter (well I'm normal size) and being retired just have a bit of fun with it. Thanks for last weeks quinella. Pity about the first 4 but you weren't that far off.
I look forward to having more fun with your tips.
RH 28/08/2009

In answer to your request as to how I know about your service, the answer is simple: I have subscribed for the last 4 or so years. Thoroughly enjoy the less than reverent approach. Keep it up!
LC 10/08/2009

And this...

Dear Customer Service
My name is <NAME WITHHELD TO STOP THIS GUY BECOMING AN UNDESERVED INTERNET PHENOMENON> and i am sending this email as per regards to the order for some turfs and below are the type and sizes of the Turfs that i am looking for

1. Winter green
3.Sir walter

And so can you send me an email response back with the price per square metre along with the availability and also let me know the forms of payment that you accept so that we can proceed with the order.



Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2008

As usual, a classic carnival summary. You guys make me laugh every week but Cup week is something special. Keep up the great work. I will keep an eye for needy and desperate.
FB 31/10/2008

Ye Gad's, you have returned for yet another season to afflict and assault our minds again with your sublime wit, sharp repartee and glue shop candidates to put our hard earned on !!
I must admit that I am a little surprised to receive your email as I thought prisons had banned the use of the internet for convicted shysters and conmen. (Please say hello to my brother Bubba Williams if you see him.)
Welcome back and good luck
C 16/08/2008

Great to have you guys back. Always look forward to you quirky and insightful assessment of the Spring Carnival and all things far too serious.
B 15/08/2008


Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2007

Underwood Stakes 2007

Thanks guys ... Used some of your tips to get Qld treble $ 3570...
Thanks for coming
BF 24/09/2007

General comments :

Hello there,
I do so look forward to the days when your e-mail arrives on my computer it gives me a good laugh as well as a good summing up of the meeting, well done lads.
Thanks again Punting Gurus you are a hoot.
LS 26/10/2007

Hi guys
Great site with honest opinions .have been a member before but changed provider. i originally found your site thru a search for dr.turf.i have recommended your site to several friends. thanks hope you have a great spring.
From very ordinary punter
BD 24/09/2007

A mate in the same industry referred me to you guys, & I've never looked back.
AM 21/08/2007

I can't remember how I found your site but I'm pretty sure I accidently stumbled across it when I was looking for a good delicatesan that stocked hungarian salami. No, just jocking! It was whist I was googling for all racing sites in Australia. Anyway I've been reading your webpage since you started. You're an absolute cracker. I reckon yours is the best!
Cheers John 11/08/2007

And ...

Don't worry Turf Deli - the secret of my wealth is still a closely guarded secret.
Tony M of Coburg (currently holidaying in Greece)


Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2006

General comments :

just wanted to say thanks for the tips, it gives us mug punters something to follow did not win a fortune ,but who does it was fun trying have a great summer will look forward to reading your tips,next august.
MM 18/11/2006

I signed up for you after finding a print off off your page after the melbourne cup and i certainly lost money that day, so i was pleased to find that you profited
LS 09/11/2006

Boys, just like to add my thanks for the Tri in Race 3 on Tuesday, it was a ripper.
MK 09/11/2006

Dear Turf Deli, Thanks for the box trifecta in race 3, a nice $1000+ collect. It set up a great day's punting - it's always more fun playing with Tabcorp's money than my own hard earned. Looking forward to your Oaks day tips,
Philip 09/11/2006

Just arrived home after a terrific and very profitable day at the Cup thanks to you guys. As purely a Spring Carnival punter, I rely on your valuable insights to allow me to mingle amongst my colleagues that class themselves as 'genuine horsemen', with some assemblance of credibility. Your guidance today was outstanding. After picking up an each way collect on Star Mystic in the 2nd, I hit the jackpot in the 3rd by boxing your selections in the trifecta which paid over $700! Another big win with Flame of Sydney in the 6th,.. resulting in my best ever success from a day at the track. Thanks guys for your great work
Cheers, Dan from Carnegie 07/11/2006

'blue collar jack" as mentioned in news letter for Flemington 7th Oct as value bet and quin horse, has just saluted a nice odds in Cranbourne Cup, which gives 10% of quad pool 1/15/field/field , not yo mention $5.00 win. May not sound allot but for someone on a pension with 2 young boys believe me it makes a big difference.
Thanks for your incisive info each week, they may not win on the day but you give horse to look out for and they eventually give a return. The fact you give it free says volumes for your motives and credibility, Thanks again guys, more power to you and may success always find you
Regards K 15/10/2006

Dear Turf Deli - Excellent work! - Beautiful daily double! - Thanks!
Regards, Brendan.07/10/2006

I heard of your website from Word Of Mouth & i can tell you this is the prime of racing & tips. I swear by your website!!! Thanks heaps for the great tips this time of year, greatly asppreciated.

Your site is a brilliant read - a very nice mix of information and entertainment. Really appreciate all your efforts, and I look forward to visiting the site regularly across the spring.
Rob 02/10/2006

And even ...

I lost 12 kgs in 12 meetings - being forced to walk home from the track each week - and just in time for summer too.


Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2004



Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2003

Highlights included :

Caulfield Guineas / Thousand Guineas 2003

We received plenty of emails about our freakish tipping performance over Caulfield Guineas/Thousand Guineas Days 2003.

When your hot your hot. Thanks for helping me out with the trifecta in race 4. I also took "In Top Swing" in the Guinneas. Thats another $20 dollar winner you guys have tipped me. ( I had "Sure Bet" in one of last years sprints). Not to mention nearly nailing the $8000.00 trifecta in the same race, but who's complaining.
You make punting for the busy person possible and fun. I haven't got time to check all the form out each week. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Mus 20/10/2003

Well done T D, great weekend. I love a man who boasts when he should, and you should!!!

Let's get the Money this week end.
Fantastic Tipping from a very satisfied Punter.
great tipping thanks for 20/1 and 20/1 wow

Hi, i would like to say thank you all for the best weekends trading that i have had for nearly 4 years it was absolutely dynamic
two days later i am still walking around at work shaking my head in disbelieve that it was possible to win so much.
my work mates can't work out why i am smiling and they think that i have left this planet.
thanks again everybody involved.
RS 20/10/2003

You can gloat all you like after Saturday's sensational effort. Fortunately I went with the quinella option from your tips and did nicely from a small outlay. Of course you have now set the Spring Carnival benchmark you realise; anything less than 6 from 9 will be unacceptable!

Thanks for an enjoyable service (win or lose)
Jim 20/10/2003

General comments :

Dear sir I couldn't let the autumn carnival finish without offering my thanks for a wonderful form analysis, many thanks for a wonderful service, i just have two regrets.one is that i didn't find you earlier & the second that you don't operate on the carnivals interstate, anyway i am very happy with your service & look forward to the spring.
Kind regards B B 02/04/2003

Well done & I hope to tune into your web site when you return. Some amazing results lately so thanks again. The winners certainly brought a smile to this punters face.
Regards Paul 28/03/2003


Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2002

General comments :

W.D 14/09/2002

The racing media seems to me to be almost devoid of any thoughtful and insightful commentary for the punter who's not quite brain dead enough to want to bet on every race that goes around in six states of a Saturday. I can't have much respect for a tipster who's going to tip me the trifecta in each of the events in a full eight race card when every thinking punter knows that for a myriad of reasons (but usually lack of quality in the field) lots of races every day are don't bet propositions. Yet why is there no such thing as a tipster who'll say so? And even when you've worked out what your fancies are, there's still the issue of obtaining an acceptable price, and not betting if you can't get that, which appears to be a foreign concept to most of the media as well.
So good for you, turfdeli, the industry needs more like you.
D.L 12/09/02

Like your site a lot, particularly the fact that it's willing to take the punt seriously, but honest enough to admit that for most of us it's still an entertainment and a bit of a laugh.

Karamazou....Chairman's Choice - the $11,000 quaddie was very nice thank you !

G.M 31/08/2002 (One Very Happy Customer !)
Thanks for the tips over the Autumn. I thought that the form was great and was definitely worth $20. As for your tips...I happened to be on a few of your good ones in the middle there and won nicely, but you were always close to the mark.
D.W 28/03/2002


Turf Deli Spring Campaign 1999 - 2001

General comments :

I found it to be very humourus and very informative, heaps and heaps of laughs but more importantly heaps of good tips which I am sad to say I did not back as I needed to see where you guys were coming from .Now that I know I can back you most of the way. Good tipping for the future, will be logging on ,thanks for a great site
T G 24/11/2001

I find your information very handy regarding how a race may be run, who is fit or racing up in distance etc. Many thanks keep up the good work
T.S. 06/11/2001

I came across Turf Deli via word of mouth from a friend, who says turfdeli is most handy guide to his punting and he tipped me to get on to it. Gotta get every bit of information you can get. He said he was particularly impressed with 'Guru's' tips on why specific horses might not win.
RH : 31/10/2001

...the 'sacking' of horses. I think it's the best part of the analysis (provides a talking point on a Friday night over a few beers with mates at the very least). Think other 'form analysts' could do with a bit more of this (rather than labelling everything that is in the market 'a chance'). .. keep up the good work (thought the guide to betting on the tote was a pisser).
SJ : 31/10/2001

hi turf deli just a short note to let you know what i think of your web site and the service you give out my findings are 10/10 and i only wish i had found turf deli a lot earlyer great fun and nearly backed a 100/1 winner in the caulfield cup keep the good work up best wishes
barrie : 27/10/2001

Yours is fast becoming my favourite horse racing site - Keep up the great work. Kind regards
Rowan : 21/10/2001

Bad luck with the Thousand Guineas tip, but congratulations on an excellent pre-race analysis. Rarely, if ever, have I seen such accurate pre-race thoughts. All the best and continued good analysis.
Andy - Sports Writer : 17/10/2001

I think the site is sensational.
Regards Greg : 17/10/2001

We are receiving your Emails, on time and find they are a great help for our punting. Keep up the good work.
Yours in punting David and Heather : 16/10/2001

Hi Turf, I found out about your website through word of mouth - a friend of mine brought your guide along to the races, I took a quick look and found it to be all Best Bets claims to be but isn't.
Cheers, L. J

Just a short note to let you know that both my wife and I enjoy the punt and think that Turf Deli is fantastic. It is full of interesting comments and some of the tips have been quite helpful. We didn't score the recent big quaddie but will be following your tips more closely from now on. Keep up the good work.
All the best, regards J. H

Find your Knowledge section quite informative and have provided some good value winners

Turf Deli, I thought I would just let you know that I found your website using the winning posts link. Your website is very amusing and suits my style of betting. Keep up the good work.

I was interested in your comment that you point out reasons why horses can't win rather than why they will win. Perhaps I can be of service. I have an incredible record of not picking winners.You may wish to include my selections in your list of losers.

A very pleasant site to view and informative..do you have another life?...we congratulate you on your site, it is very,very good.
The Willows.

We all got on Crystal Finale and all the boys were wrapped....Keep up the good work
The Boys

Turf Deli you are f**king on fire, just got back from holidays and checked my email - All Time High and Diatribe...
Pete, who frequents the Lennox St TAB in Richmond

No mention of Barnstormer ?
Concerned of Uzebekistan

Hey - bits of that were actually funny !!
Anon. of Moonee Valley

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